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On my favourite music

With one post on what I dislike, I think it is time for a post on what I like.

And I've often wondered, how did it all start?
Who found out that nothing could capture a heart
Like a melody can?
Well, whoever it was, I'm a fan
runs an ABBA song. Right on track. Music is wonderful. It is, to me, a wonderful way of expression. It is one word that speaks straight to the heart. It makes me feel as if I'm on the top of the world. It makes us all come together and feel that we can work it out. Music is a path of discovery, one that we can pursue even in dreams. To me, music is a peaceful, easy feeling and the very spirit of man. It is the thing I like to wake up to on a Monday morning, and makes me feel alive. And let's face it, isn't it better to wake up to your favourite tune than to the sound of silence? If God could talk perhaps this would be the language that he would be speaking. There is nothing like a sad song and music never makes you feel that you are flying all alone in a lonely sky or skating on the thin ice. You can carry music with you on the Spanish train or when you are leaving on a jet plane, or driving down country roads. Sometimes, I feel that a spaceman came travelling and he promised to send me an angel that is music.

But I digress. I wanted to mention songs, singers, albums that I particularly enjoy, and here they are:

Spanish Train and Other Stories(Album) - Chris de Burgh

This one has to come first. To me, this is the best album that I have ever listened to, and the very essence of what music should be. Chris de Burgh, in this album tells some awesome stories, and with rock music that seems to blend seamlessly with the theme of the story. Whether it is the story of the Spanish Train, in which the Lord and the devil gamble the souls of the dead over a game of poker (the devil cheats and wins), or A Spaceman Came Travelling wherein he beautifully retells the story of how Gabriel came to give a message to the shepherds.

Into the Light(Album) - Chris de Burgh

No, I am not going to continue with Chris de Burgh all through the post, but this album again is in one of my favourites. Set to a wonderful rock tune, this album is a must-hear for all rock enthusiasts.

Simon and Garfunkel(Artists)

The reason I am not quoting any specific album is that I have only a compilation CD. Nevertheless, there are many songs that are wonderfully written, like The Sound of Silence, I am a Rock, The Dangling Conversation, America, The Boxer, Old Friends/Bookends and Scarborough Fair/Canticle to mention a few.


How can I forget ABBA? The Swedish pop band has so many nice numbers. The album Gold which is again, a compilation of their best numbers, is a must have.

John Denver(Artists)

Arguably a song's best friend, I believe John Denver to be the best country singer of all time. Most of his songs are set in the peaceful and beautiful countryside, to the tune of a guitar, and a wonderful voice.

The Wall(Album) - Pink Floyd

This was the first thematic album that I ever owned. I just love it for the way it tells a story, which is so true even today, about the walls that we build around ourselves, shutting us in. A recommendation: When you attempt to listen to this album, make sure you have it on CD. I doubt that MP3s will maintain the entire sound quality of the album. Moreover, do hear it on a proper Hi-Fi system. Also, make sure that you have the original, un-normalized soundtrack.

The Joshua Tree(Album) - U2

This is again a favourite for its minimalist style and Irish inspired music. At a low volume, this seems to be a good option to listen to while studying.

Of course, I have not mentioned some of the other favourites, mainly because they are singles, and I have not heard many songs by the artist(s). Some of them include American Pie and Vincent by Don McLean, Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull, Imagine by John Lennon, Five Hundred Miles and A World of Our Own by The Seekers and Top of the World by Carpenters to name a few. And if you have any favourites that you may like to mention, then please post them as a comment.

Until next time, pip pip


  1. 'heard it through the grapevine' covered by 'CCR', 'wish you were here' by 'Pink Floyd', 'sweet child o' mine' by 'GNR', 'hey hey what can i do' by 'Led Zeppelin', 'i can't tell you why' by 'Eagles' and a lot of rock n' roll, mostly oldies, with a few of relatively new bands like 'Oasis', 'Coldplay', etc. anything sung by 'Kishore Kumar', most of 'Manna Dey', 'Mohd Rafi', 'Asha Bhosale'. and yes, i also follow some of 'Weird Al's work...


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