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Ah Mark Shuttleworth, You Never Fail to Disappoint

A post after a long time. Not really because I was busy, but because I am lazy, and tired having to relive my frustrations by writing on this blog.No Mom, I am not really frustrated, that is just a funny way of writing this blog!But it is hard to be completely happy when you have a Narwhal taking up 20 odd GB of space on your laptop.I am sure that by the time this post would be published, I would have lost a lot of friends on facebook, those who appreciate and like Ubuntu.Note to self: One line paragraphs are not fun enough... loads of the <p> and the </p> tags.But I digress... coming back to the person I want to bash today... Mark Shuttleworth, a South African entrepreneur and a person so insanely rich, that he has funded his own space trip, making him Shuttle-worth-y. Unfortunately, it is through his benevolence that we are blessed (?) with the Ubuntu Operating System.Firstly, the reasons I use(d) Ubuntu Back in 2007, when I first fired up Linux, Ubuntu was user friendly…