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Reading List, May 2017

Sam Machkovech, Facebook helped advertisers target teens who feel ‘worthless’, in Ars Technica, 30 April 2017. [Online]: surprises here, a quick discriminative filter could show who was depressed vs not, perhaps using something as simple as Naïve Bayes would probably work.Then I read that Facebook sells this data to advertisers instead of getting depressed teens some help. Eff you Facebook!Just last month, I wrote ‘STOP USING FACEBOOK SERVICES’. That advice still holds.Matt Inman, You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you, in The Oatmeal, 2 May 2017. [Online]: interesting read about the backfire effect.Mike Masnick, Don’t get fooled: The plan is to kill net neutrality while pretending that it’s being saved, in Techdirt, 3 May 2017. [Online]:…