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An introduction to Vim macros

Vim is my favourite text editor, because it is minimalist while also being insanely configurable. While I may describe my ideal Vim setup sometime in the future, I do want to share some tips and tricks that make Vim so damn efficient for certain tasks. Today, I shall focus on macros.Here’s the key idea to keep in mind when discussing about Vim. Vim is not just an editor, it is a text manipulation program. Inserting text is just one of the many tasks that Vim can accomplish. A macro is a small Vim program that the user can record in order to make text editing more efficient.Consider a simple use case. Let’s say that I have a CSV file that looks like thisNew York,NY,USA Seattle,WA,USA Mumbai,MH,India Let’s say that I want to add another column at the beginning of each line that is sequentially numbered, like so1,New York,NY,USA 2,Seattle,WA,USA 3,Mumbai,MH,India I could go down each line and manually add each column, but there’s a better way. The solution is to program a Vim macro that …