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Pride and Prejudice, a Review

So, I've been reading "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen, as part of some light bed-time reading to maintain my sanity. I thought it would be nice to share my views on the book with the world (not that anyone cares).I shared a link to the book on Facebook, and on Google+, a link to the efforts of Google to preserve an ancient trove of knowledge and pleasure. Google has been systematically been scanning books from public libraries, in the public domain, and has made them available for the world. However, the first comment I received on my Facebook post was: Now why would you want to read something as horrible and banal as Jane Austen?A bit harsh, but not unrelated to my views. Of course, I will not be foolish enough to denounce Jane Austen just based on one book; but let me review the book, and try to explain what I liked, and what seemed trite.Let me start with the title itself. "Pride and Prejudice" can be applied at many levels. Primarily, it may refer to t…

Just some random thoughts to fill up my blog

I'll be honest, I've run out of ideas. When I started the blog, ideas just flowed out like water from a tap. I could write a post every week, sometimes even more frequently. Now, I need to rack my brains, and I still cannot think of anything. The flow of ideas has dried up. Dry like Bombay's water supply.Another change has come over me. I've begun to think that I don't have enough time to write. I don't even have enough time to pursue any hobby, to read, or to do any of the tasks I'd assigned myself. And I've joined Cornell (Screw you Nishant, I've gotten into an Ivy League university (Though I've nothing to do with the Ivy League)).In related news, I think that Nishant is an ass. Nothing personal, it's just the way he is. Barely a day in Berkeley, and he blogs that he's there, and about how he got a Macbook Air from his advisor. Here, I'm trying so damn hard that I don't get a Macbook Air, or any other Mac, except the one that s…