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"I'm a total geek," she said

“I’m a total geek,” she said.His mind flew back. 6 years old, and his spring loaded racing car went farther than it was ever meant to. 10 years, he built his first alarm clock. 13 years, his bicycle had a digital speed readout.Yet, here he was, an ordinary looking boy wearing Levi’s; trying to be cool, and she had said, “I’m a total geek.”His eyes fell on the Mills and Boons novel tucked under her arm. He gave a shudder; never had he thought that she would call herself a geek.“You’re the geekiest girl I know.”

Let's uphold the glorious Indian culture and values

Seriously, let's do it. After all, upholding the Indian culture and values involves going to bars, shutting them down, and attacking patrons with hockey sticks. If there are girls, of course they are there for the sole purpose of soliciting.The great Indian culture does not allow us to go to bars and nightclubs. Drink whiskey, vodka, gin? No way! That's not allowed in the Indian culture. We drink सोमरस, not these poisons. As anyone would tell you, सोम is a synonym for अमृत, the potion which grants immortality, not immorality.And what's with these lovebirds coochy-cooing on Valentine's day, or in "dark, isolated places"? Public display of affection is strictly prohibited in the Indian culture. राधेकृष्ण! Are they in their teens? Children should study, not spend time with girlfriends. We have the highly successful system of arranged marriages in India, you just marry someone. No place for girlfriends or lovers. Sorry!While we are at it, what's with the boys…