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If only I could apparate!

Let’s face it, I hate Harry Potter. But the past 24 hour of zombie like travelling has made me yearn for a concept found only in the world of Harry Potter, and that is the concept of apparation. (In other news, I finally found out how Scott Adams gets his weird ideas.) Let me give a summary of the last 24 hours. I'm currently at Frankfurt airport, and I'm sure that this blog post will not be published until I reach home; but I'm writing it anyway, so that the flavour is not diluted by the happiness of being at home. Travelling is tedious. I woke up at around 07:00 EST, reached the bus stop in Ithaca at around 09:15. The bus arrived shortly after, but some 6 idiots passengers forgot to give the driver their tickets. This meant that the driver counted the tickets three times over, in his painfully slow 60s-something grandpa style, after which he declared that he would not move the bus until the tickets had been submitted. Result: bus supposed to start off at 09:40 started of…

Fall 2012: A semester in review

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was a a semester of foolishness, it was a semester of wisdom; of incredulity, of belief; of light and of darkness; of hope and of despair. Here's a review of what happened in the last 4 months. I moved to the US of A.I started a PhD at Cornell University.I lost a friend to cancer. He was 22.I made many new friends.I'm convinced that +Nishant Totla is the singularly most annoying person in the world.Apple sucks.The Settlers of Catan rocks.I entered a complicated relationship with a commitment of at least 4 years, if I'm lucky; 7 if I'm not.I found an advisor. He has a certificate of excellence in his office, "for successfully intimidating the most students of the ECE batch of '05."I started work on a project towards my PhD.Two people I know were involved in near fatal car accidents, one on the east coast, and one on the west. Just means that we've got to be really careful, as drivers here just are…