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Facebook: Are we missing the "point"?

2300: Log in to Facebook.Go through postsGo through even more posts.Block that annoying "True meaning of your name" app.Check out that interesting post on 9GagHey, it's 0100, I'd better log out.I'm a dork for wasting two hours on this shitty thing. Ever happened to you? You end up spending hours on Facebook, and still end up dis-satisfied? Happens every time with me. I wonder why I still login...If the movie is to be believed, most people head over to Facebook just to see the relationship status of that special someone. Not so much of a concern for me. I'm voted most likely to be single for life. I mainly log in to Facebook to catch up on what people are doing; in other words, to stalk people.People are all awesome. They post the best parts of their lives online, leaving the not-so-interesting parts out. Have a look at any profile picture. If it is a real picture of someone, it will be a face radiant with happiness and joy. Check out pictures of people hanging…

I just lost 13 billion dollars

Yes, you read that right. I lost 13 billion dollars. Want to know why?I don't care about your answer, I'm going to tell you anyway. Here's how Verizon and AT&T stole 13 billion dollars from me.You see, I used to offer services to users of the Lover's Telephone. I still do. Anyone who employs my services for the Lover's Telephone has to pay me $5 for every minute of calling. Eh, what's that? You think that is too much? Really? Do you have any idea about the amount of effort it takes to set up lines to you house? Not only do I have to get a wire to your house, I also need to set up a switchboard operator, who has to be extremely skilled at doing and undoing knots.The operator takes around $1 a minute. That along with the cost of delivering a wire means that I make a measly profit of only around $3 a minute of call. But then, there are an estimated 5 million lovers in the world. They talk for, on an average, 90 minutes a day. Okay, of the 5 million, around 100…