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It happens only in India - News

Disclaimer: The posts on this series have nothing to do with a similarly named program appearing on Fox History and Entertainment.

I generally do not get to watch a lot of TV in the hostel. Most of the time, the TV room is occupied by some spineless jerks good friends who like to spend their time watching the latest music videos (with more of a visual rather than an auditory remix), or some older people (read hostel workers) who like to watch nothing other than Hindi movies from the 1970s/80s, which is perhaps the stupidest era of Bollywood. And when there is a cricket match, as is now, the TV room is hijacked by cricket fans, almost the entire hostel. That coupled with the extreme peer pressure to not be labelled a hopeless nerd means that I barely get to watch my favourite programs on National Geographic or Discovery channels.

I also like to watch the news sometimes. However, of late, I have been less and less impressed with the news too. I believe that there is less of news and more of lobbying. Debates too are extremely biased. Earlier, when Rajdeep Sardesai used to host the Big Fight on NDTV, the debates were extremely charged, interesting, and informative. Right now, the Big Fight conducts SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of the Indian cricket team. Switch to another news channel, Times Now, and you shall see the lawyer, jury, judge, executioner, all-in-one combo Arnab Goswami. His style of conducting debates is simple, in case you have a view that matches his, then you get to speak, else, he is going to %$6% &*!@ %#&*.

But the last straw comes in when I turn to the entertainment channels, and see an advertisement. In the advertisement, a certain lady comes in with a haircut which she claims is the latest style of her favourite TV actress. When her friends ask her (in a mocking manner) about the source of this information, she points them to Star News, and the program सास बहु और साजिश, and the advertisement ends with a Star news, आपको रखे आगे, which translates to Star news, keeps you ahead. Amazing! Speaks volumes of the intellectual levels of those watching that particular news channel.

Maybe I should recommend you to watch सनसनी. This is possibly the most retarded show on news channels, where everyone's bloodlust is satisfied. The show features reporter reporting the most gruesome crimes, in a manner as if he was narrating the story of a thriller. Perhaps the narrator of the thriller may show a little more concern for the lives and deaths of the fictional characters involved.

I might have gone on and on, save for the fact that I do know when to turn off the idiot box. Who can watch news channels after such scum that exists? Hence, I may be woefully ignorant about other silly news programs.

Seriously, if we have such news channels in our country, then Cyrus Broacha's spoof, The Week That Wasn't seems the only bearable program on the news channels.

Keep watching for more posts on things that would happen, to the best of my knowledge, only in India.


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